Car tires and plastic packaging are the biggest contributors to microplastics in the Netherlands

According to a new report from the research institute TNO, there are 291 kilotons (291 million kilos) of microplastics on the ground, in the soil and in the water in the Netherlands. When nothing is done to prevent the spread of these microplastics, it is estimated that this amount will increase to 1031 kilotons in 2050.

Microplastics are solid plastic particles smaller than 5 millimeters. They are created by abrasion of plastic or (synthetic) rubber products. The research institute now concludes that the main sources of microplastics in the Netherlands are car tires, packaging, agricultural plastic film and textile. It is, however, possible to reduce the distribution of microplastics with the right measures. Read more about it in the news article below*.

* The article is in Dutch