Dr. Raymond Pieters – UU

Dr. Raymond Pieters is Associate Professor at IRAS, Utrecht University, and in addition full professor in Innovative Testing in Life Sciences & Chemistry at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (UASU, Hogeschool Utrecht). His research is focused on understanding immunotoxicological effects of substances in food (e.g. food allergy), airborne particles (e.g. inflammation and allergy) and drugs (intestinal and liver effects). Developing animal-free approaches to assess efficacy and safety of these substances is an important objective.

He coordinated or was involved in various national (TTW, RAAK, ZONMW, NWO) and international (IMI, EFRO, NC3R) projects. His involvement in many projects with private organizations sparked the development of an Innovation lab (iLab) Life Sciences & Chemistry, as shared lab facility at Utrecht Science Park to serve innovation of professional practice (e.g. start-up SME. His research has resulted in over 150 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and 16 PhD graduations, and a H-factor of 32 (scopus) to 37 (google).

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