Prof. dr. Paul Borm – Borm Nanoconsult BV

Paul Borm is an entrepreneur in Life Sciences and Medical Technology. During his 25 year academic career in Toxicology (Maastricht, Düsseldorf) he conducted research into biomarkers of lung diseases such as in coal miners. In 2004 he co-founded a high-pact journal (PFT) for particle toxicology and he is the author of more than 250 publications in this field.

Since 15 years, Nanotechnologies feed his activities on regional and global level, and provide inspiration for new developments. In 2011 he founded Nano4Imaging GmbH in Aachen which focuses on improvement of cardiovascular diagnosis and interventions using MRI. Nano4Imaging has CE, FDA and Health Canada registration for its MRI compatible guide wire. In 2017 Borm extended the clinical applications both in Europe and USA. He can support your aims and targets through his company Nanoconsult.

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