Dr. Patrick Bauerlein – KWR

Patrick Bauerlein, is chemical researcher in the Chemical Water Quality and Health team, and his main field of expertise is the chemical quality of the entire water cycle. Patrick studied chemistry at the RWTH Aachen (University). He completed his PhD at the Technical University Eindhoven and the University of York studying the use of ionic liquids as alternative solvents for extraction processes and reactions. Afterwards he continued his scientific career at KWR in the Netherlands. During this time, he was also invited to work as a visiting scientist at the University of Utrecht and the National Institute of Material Science in Tsukuba, Japan.

Patrick’s research falls into two main areas. The first one is the analysis and monitoring of the water quality, which includes method development for pharmaceuticals, metabolites, nanoparticles and microplastics. The second area is water treatment. This research deals with the use of new materials as adsorbents or/and catalysts.

Furthermore, removal of nanoparticles and microplastics from water is of interest as the amount of especially the latter in water is growing. Patrick is particularly experienced in nanoparticles, microplastics, passive sampling, water treatment and new analytical methods for monitoring and detecting organic micro-pollution in water. He has experience with techniques such as field flow fractionation, TGA-GC/MS, mass spectrometry and infrared imaging techniques to analyse particles (mainly plastics).

In recent years Patrick has worked on large national and international projects, such as NanoNextNL, TAPES, Aquarius, TRAMP and Solutions. Besides his research activities, Patrick is also a member of the LLN-ta (national laboratory network of terrorist attacks), the RGEN (Radiological and Health Expertise Network), and attends expert meetings of RIWA and IAWR.

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