Dr. Nienke Vrisekoop – UMCU

Nienke Vrisekoop is assistant professor at the Pulmonary Medicine department and the Center of Translational Immunology of the UMCU since 2013. At the CTI she is the head of the imaging facility and she combines her obtained expertise in both human and murine phagocyte biology and (intravital) imaging techniques to study neutrophil subsets in health and disease with a special interest in the effects of microplastics on these cells.

Her work on microplastics started in a TA-COAST consortium in 2014 (grant nr 053.21.112) together with Dick Vethaak, Heather Leslie and Freek Ariese, key figures in the microplastic field. The ZonMw Microplastics and Health grant (grant nr 458001004) allowed the continuation of this research addressing the health effects of microplastics on neutrophils after oral exposure and the first manuscripts are now being written. For the same project an extra ‘Enabling Technology Hotel’ was acquired to optimize the Raman microscopy method of Dr. Freek Ariese for the measurement of environmental microplastics in blood and tissue.

She was chair of the young investigator board of the Netherlands Respiratory Society in 2018 and 2019 and is part of the scientific program committee of the Dutch society for Immunology since 2015.

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