Dr. Frank Van Belleghem – OU, Hasselt

Frank Van Belleghem is an assistant professor of environmental toxicology at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Open University and a researcher at the Centre for Environmental Sciences at Hasselt University (Belgium).

His primary area of expertise is toxicological research on environmental pollutants. He is particularly interested in using light and electron microscopy to assess cellular stress and localize elements and particles.

He is currently supervising a number of PhD projects at Hasselt University that focus on nanotoxicology and mixture toxicology, as well as micro- and nanoplastics research in collaboration with the OUNL and the Soegijapranata Catholic University (Semarang, Indonesia).

He has a research agreement with the Belgian research institute Sciensano to develop analysis methods using cutting-edge scanning transmission electron microscopy, and is a member of the Scientific Committee REACH (WCSR), which provides scientific support for Belgium’s coordinated approach to REACH application and enforcement.

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