Dr. Bas van der Zaan – KWR

Dr. Bas van der Zaan is a senior scientist at Deltares since 2009 in the field of environmental microbiology, water quality and health. His work focusses on environmental fate and transport of microbiological contaminants, monitoring of microbial activity, and microbial risks from environmental systems for human health.

Bas van der Zaan got his PhD-degree at Wageningen University in 2010 where he further specialized in molecular microbial ecology. At Deltares he founded the research field on water & Health focussing on dynamics in toxic cyanobacterial blooms, antibiotic resistance on microplastic particles in Indonesia and innovative monitoring systems for fecal bacteria. He led several multidisciplinary national and international projects, and (co- )authored 20 peer-reviewed papers over the past few years.

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