Arjen Boersma, PhD – TNO

Arjen Boersma is a senior scientist at TNO working in the field of material development, characterization and implementation for functional products. He has been active in the research on degradation and ageing of polymer materials and their life time predictions in demanding environments for 20 years.

He especially focusses on the correlation between chemical structure polymers and UV and thermal break down of polymers. chemical sensors in i.a. environmental applications. In addition, he is involved in the use of polymer and composite materials in new classes of gas and particle sensors and their changing properties when exposed to a changing chemical environment. The ageing of these materials and devices plays an important role in his current work.

Arjen Boersma received his PhD in polymer physics in 1998 at the TUDelft, Netherlands on the dielectric properties of polymers and blends. He has been working at TNO for 20 years. He has 43 journal publications and holds 18 patents.

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